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WorthPoint is the leading online resource for finding, valuing and pricing your antiques and collectibles with more than 525 million "sold for" prices.


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Marcel marcellferreryahoo.com says

"This in NO a price reference at all. This is an auction place and you will be far from the true if you think that the prices shown here are accurate. Do not believe the MSRP price shown by companies that find the price in this WorthPoint."

John Delaney says

"Charged twice past the trial period despite cancelling. Worth point refuse to cancel both payments. I would highly advise against even using this company for a trial! They are grabbing my 40 dollars over a technicality, despite me never using the service during this time. 0 stars, don't use this overpriced and dishonest service."

Andrea Ciobanu says

"Worthpoint....... I wonder when I am going to get a refund of the money you have kept on drawing out of my account without I noticed it some weeks ago. You phone number is closed.... This is a friendly question and request..... Thank you"

Frankie says

"Ridiculous you have to pay so much just to see when something was sold and how much it was. Do not waste your money."

Arnar says

"A typical scam company asks you for credit card information before the "free trial" in hope that you don't read the fine print or simply forget to cancel before the trial ends. Typical scam companies and scam apps also have VERY HIGH monthly fees that do not reflect the service provided in any way. I am not saying that this company is a scam, but it fits the profile as it wants your credit card info before the trial and has very high monthly fees."

Lisa Mills Barragan says

"Worthless. For what they charge monthly is ridiculous. I could not find any of my items and other items from other people where so low that It’s not worth putting items in them and a lot of them were sold years ago. Don’t spend the money."

customer says

"All the info they provide used to be free. They have stolen and collected data that at one time was available to the rich and poor alike. When I tried it out a few years ago concerning a collectable, the information they provided had absolutely no value to me."

Glenys Pierce says

"Did not want to join. Did not accept any invitation. Thought I Had 7 viewings. Website misleading as money taken from account and did not want"